こんにちは、Tです。 😉



旧『English Life』には過去の話&渡英当初(2004.12)~2009.4までの記事が収められています。



Hello. I am T. 😉
It has been over 5 years since we moved to the UK.

Everything we see, Everything we hear interested me at first about this country.
I remember when I locked myself out.  It nearly made me cry.
In Japan, usually only hotels or apartments have doors that lock themselves, so I was surprised to see one on a domestic door.

The string of sausages (like in the Tom & Jerry cartoons) also surprised me.
This is as my diary.
I have been writing this blog since we arrived here during December 2004.

My first blog is about my past stories and the daily posts are from Dec 2004 to April 2009. 
Sorry most of it doesn’t have an English translation.
However there are lots of photos.
Please have a look if you are interested.

This blog is the continuance of that.

★about our family★

T (me)…To make something such as cooking and D.I.Y. and so on, fascinate me. Recently photography was added to my list of hobbies.
G (my husband)…Loves gaming and music. Gardening also has started to be his hobby because of my plot!? 😀
S (our oldest son)…Dotes on his little brother. His voice sounds like mine so people often mistake us over the phone. He is in year 9.
R (our second son)…His most charming features are his big eyes.  They are like a manga character’s eyes. He is curious, friendly and sometimes shy. He is 4 years old.