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6.03 megapixels (with Super CCD Honeycomb) 2832×2128 pixel
ISO 100/200/400
F2.8-4.5/F7.0-10.8 auto change
Shutter speed : 3secs-1/2000secs
Standard closest distance : 60cm-∞
Macro closest distance : 20cm-80cm
Weight : 258g

FUJIFILM Finepix6800z 2001.7~

が、このFinepix6800zはA4サイズで印刷してもフィルムカメラに勝るとも劣らない画質。 一目ぼれでした。(笑)


There were no decent compact digital cameras around when it started to sell. Almost all inaccurately rendered colour, usually lacking in depth and contrast.
But I was really excited when I found this Finepix 6800z in a shop.
This camera was the only one that could accurately represent the whole range of subjects especially skin and hair.
The photo quality seemed not inferior to a photo taken by a film camera even when printed on A4 size photo paper.
I fell in love with this. 😀

This camera has only gone through one battery and repaired only once though.  I am still using when I take a walk or video something.

10.2 megapixels with Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor
3648 x 2736 pixels
Shutter speed : 30 secs~1/1600 secs
Macro closest distance : 5cm
Focal Length: 25-250 mm
Optical Zoom 10x
Weight : 170g

1920×1080 pixels 
Frame Rate: 60 fps

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX5V 2010.8~

初代コンデジが寿命を迎え、子供達の声や仕草を遠く離れた両親に見せてあげたいという想いから「美しい動画」に定評のあるこの一台を選びました。HD対応で40インチのTVでも観賞できるほどの画質というのだから凄い。両親が思わず微笑んでしまうような愉快な動画を届けてあげられるといいな。 🙂

静止画はデジイチに比べると勿論劣りますが、フラッシュなしで暗い室内を撮影できたり、パノラマ撮影やGPS 、自動で笑顔に焦点を合わせたりと今時のカメラ機能が満載です。おでかけ時にはいつでもバッグに忍ばせて伝えたい瞬間をこのカメラに収められたらいいなぁと思います。

My first compact digital camera has come to end of its life, so I chose this one which can take beautiful HD movies.  I want to show our children’s growth to my parents who live in Japan.  I hope the movies will make them smile.

Although the photo quality is not as good as my D-SLR of course, there are some interesting functions: good quality photos in low light, capture extra wide panoramas, GPS, capture the smile and so on. I’ll take this camera everywhere in my bag and want to shoot any precious moments.


10.1 megapixels CMOS sensor
ISO 100 – 1600
Shutter speed : 30 secs~1/4000secs
High-precision 9 point AF system
2.5 LCD screen
Weight : 510g

Canon EOS Kiss Digital X 2007.11


This is my first digital SLR.
The very quick start up and the fast shutter speed impressed me lots.
You won’t lose any chance to shoot a nice moment.
In the future, I wish I had the skill to take photos of beautiful scenery and children’s lively photos as I want.


Lenses :

  • Canon EF-S 18mm-55mm F3.5-5.6 Ⅱ
    Closest focus distance 0.28m
    Focus:  AF,   Filter : 58mm
    Weight : 190g
  • SIGMA 30mm F1.4 EX DC HSM
    Closest focus distance 0.4m
    Focus :AF,    Filter : 62mm
    Weight : 400g

Telephoto Lenses (58mm) :

    Digital High Definition 0.5X Wide Angle Lens
    with Macro
    High Definition 2X Telephoto Lens


Tripod : SLIK Sprint Mini GM

Weight 740g 
Folded Length 36cm
Min Max Height 162mm~1100mm
Load Capacity 2260g


Bag : National Geographic NG2345



You can carry two lenses and a camera body in this bag.
There are 6 pockets, so you can organized small things easily such as spare batteries, lens cleaner and so on.

←You can see inside this bag when you mouse-over the picture.



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